i am home(?) again.

home being = a familiar bed, my bike, grass to sit in, bottles of kombucha, dancing fully in my body, lavender in a glass vase, masques, music played loud, curious films waiting to be watched, filtered water, me by myself.


after almost a month away…

the (same?) city, three years later.

but this time i must admit, i was not ready for it.

(can one ever be ready for new york?)


i came from my bike, from my room, from trails and paths lined with plants;

and now here i am, again, and there…

lately, i’ve found myself in a cycle of watching the same stories over and over.

i inhabit the lives of my favorite characters; curled up on the corner of their sofa, sitting just out of frame at the bar, dancing to bossa nova in bali.


i don’t want to…

read the book. watch the movie.

balram halwai/ashok sharma,

all around me it seems there are stories of cycles unending, stories of stuckness.

and yours is no exception.

but the common in all these are stories is that they narrate a particular kind of cycling and stickiness- the kind of…

i have been in quarantine for over six months.

mentally, emotionally, physically, socially- i’ve been keeping a strong distance from strangers for over half a year now.

the pandemic has seeped into almost every mundane action in my life and bled into many of my thoughts throughout the day. …

new orleans.

the name of this city alone brings to my mind a particular kind of energy- it is a vibrant mix of all that is youthful and spontaneous, paired with a deep and complex relationship to culture, ancestry, and time-honored practices. …

Over the past couple of years, I’ve really come to appreciate a profound, lengthy, and wholesome podcast. For me, the act of actively listening in to one voice- and tuning out everything else around me- is deeply relaxing. …

the first time i traveled to spain was in march of 2012, and since that first visit, i have always felt like i had to go back.

although i only spent a week or so in salamanca, i fell completely in love with the city: with the rain, the cigarette…


i like to make art + travel. west african + american. third culture kid. artist.

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